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Polycarboxylate based

  • Polycarboxylic Acid
Polycarboxylic Acid

Polycarboxylic Acid

  • 50% or 40% liquid
  • high range water reducer
  • superplasticizer
  • concrete admixture
  • Product description: polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer in construction

Polycarboxylic acid is a new type super plasticizer developed suitable for engineering projects under various weathers and primarily for using in hot climate area, which have liquid and powder form.

It’s most effective high range water reducing in the market which the reducing rate can go up to 35-40%. Because of their Low chloride and alkali content, no corrosion to steel-bar, high stability & environmental friendly and nontoxic characters, they have been warm welcomed in high strength concrete for railway, haven, traffic, bridge and electric power., got good feedback from worldwide customers. It is excellent superplasticizer in premix of construction and cast-in-place concrete.

l 1. Low blend dosage and high water reduction.  The blend dosage is usually 0.4%-1% of the gelled material and water

can be reduced by 25%-45%.

l  2. Good adaptability. It adapts well with many kinds of concrete, especially suitable for formulating high strength, high flowing and high performance concrete formulating with active admixture such as fly-ash and slag.

l  3. Slump of plastic retaining concrete seldom decrease and isn’t affected by temperature change.

l  4. This product can significantly increase physical performance index and durability and increase resistance ability to deformation.


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