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Melamine based

  • Melamine based Superplasticizer
  • Melamine based Superplasticizer
Melamine based SuperplasticizerMelamine based Superplasticizer

Melamine based Superplasticizer

  • Powder
  • PH: 7-8
  • Water Content (powder)(%): ≤4.0
  • High range water reducer
  • Product description: Melamine based Superplasticizer, superplasticizer, melamine based

Melaine Superplasticizer is new generation superplasticizer, concrete and gypsum board additives.

Characteristic: Non-air entraining, good whiteness, no corrosion to iron and excellent adaptability to cement. It obviously improves the strength and anti-permeability of concrete. Good workability, water retention and steam -curing adaptability.


l High Strength gypsum,gypsum based self-leveling floor, gypsum plaster, gypsum putty.

l Cement based self-leveling floor, wear-resistance floor, repair mortar,special high strength mortar

l As-Cast Finish Concrete/bare concrete, early strength concrete ,high-endurance concrete


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