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Hot New Products Concrete Additives Sulphonate Melamine Formaldehyde Superplasticizer / SMF

Product description: 
1. SMF superplasticizer is a free-flowing,spray dried powder of a sulphonated polycondensation product
based on melamine.
2. SMF has very strong absorption and dispersion effects to the cements. It is the one of leader concrete superplasticizer which have the better integrative index. 
Product Performance: 
1. SMF has high water reducing effect,non-air-entrained type, low Cl ion content to avoid steel-bars corrosion, and good adjustability to different cement.
2. SMF has excellent film-forming ability. Excellent color-permanence and color-retention effect for concrete and color mortars.
1. Wear-resisting floor
2. Steam-cured concrete products
3. Fair-faced concrete
4. Repair mortar
5. Gypsum based products


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