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Ready-mixed concrete Introduction

Ready-mixed concrete refers to pre-mixed concrete mixtures of qualified quality that are sold to construction units in the form of commodities and transported to the construction site for pouring. Commercial concrete is the production process of concrete, from the selection of raw materials, the design of mix ratio, the selection of admixtures and admixtures, the mixing of concrete, the delivery of concrete to the construction site, and other series of projects from the construction site to the mixing station, by The unified operation and management of the mixing plant supplies various finished products to the construction unit in the form of commodities

Commercial concrete is the transformation of concrete production from extensive production to intensive and large production. It has realized the specialization, commercialization and socialization of concrete production. It is an important reform in which construction relies on technological progress to change small production methods and realize industrialization of construction. Commercial concrete first appeared in Europe. By the 1970s, the development of commercial concrete in the world had entered a golden period, and commercial concrete had an absolute advantage in the total output of concrete.

Commercial concrete can guarantee the quality of the concrete. Because the concrete dispersed in the construction site is limited by technical equipment, the quality of the concrete is not uniform, and the concrete mixing station has strict control management, accurate measurement and complete inspection methods from raw materials to product production process. Make the quality of concrete fully guaranteed.


Environmental protection
"Semi-finished products"
Quality stability
Technological advancement
Improve work efficiency

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