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President Xi to Pakistan in April

On April 21, Pakistan's "Chinese craze" reaches the boiling point, about the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping's activities in Pakistan become the majority of the headlines, but learning chairman brought investment plan worth $ 46 billion is undoubtedly the biggest excitement. As Pakistan all-weather strategic partnership to promote in particular the harbinger Pakistani economic corridor strategy, the two countries signed 51 agreements and memorandums of understanding in one day, declared five major electricity project started.

In addition, Xi Jinping's visit to Pakistan also received a high evaluation politics. Pakistan's "News"reported that the leader of the Pakistan Muslim League faction chairman Chaudhry Hussein, said relations with China is a top priority of this government's diplomatic work, but the Communist Party of China has maintained close exchanges. He said that the President Xi Jinping to visit the country so that the people of Pakistan rejoiced. He also suggested that China and Pakistan set up a special project is accounted for more than half of Pakistan's population of young people, encouraging them to learn Chinese.

Mumeng - faction of officials Elahi is particularly praised the historic anti-corruption action undertaken by the leadership of President Xi Jinping, and expressed hopes to learn from China's experience, put an end to the construction of China's assistance to the Palestinian national project affected by corruption factors. Reported that the Chairman Xi Jinping talks with the two party leaders Mumeng be comfortable in a pleasant atmosphere.

Xi Jinping delivered a speech in parliament in Pakistan, once again stressed that Pakistan is China's "iron man", and on behalf of the 1.3 billion Chinese people to extend my cordial greetings to the people of Pakistan. Xi Jinping speech before the start of parliament speaker Pakistan Ayaz Sadiq said: "Your visit this Congress is not an official state visit, but the visit between brothers, and it is family reunion, we welcome you all."

Xi Jinping's visit to Pakistan to bring economic cooperation to become the biggest excitement gift Pakistani media, Pakistan, "Dawn" of China's total value of $ 46 billion investment plan were explained in detail. To illustrate "how large the investment", the newspaper cited the Pakistan foreign direct investment data from fiscal year 2007 to fiscal year 2014 received each year, it concluded that investment in China is to bring leaders visit Pakistan in the past three times eight years total foreign direct investment received.


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